Lankku Steakhouse

Take a look at our steakhouse for the best steaks in town.

Versatile restaurant services

Every day our restaurant provides reach breakfast to start your day with pleasure. At weekdays we also serve homestyle buffet lunch. For the groups we plan special menu according to needs.

At weekdays we serve buffet lunch 10.30-14.00. Please, check our week menu here.


Mo-Fri 6.00–9.00

Sat-Sun 7.00-10.00

Rich breakfast table is full of fresh food and warm dishes. Breakfast is included in the price of the room.

Buffet lunch

Mo-Fri 10.30–14.00

Price is 10,50 €

Salad lunch 8,50 €


Delicious lunch includes starter salad, warm meat, fish and main dish. Bread, tea, coffee, cacao, soft drinks, dessert are also included. You can also have takeaway. We provide you with serviettes, containers and cutlery.